Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Celebrity Challenge 6: Submitted by Thomas Kail

If you're in the NYC area next month, be sure to sign up for the Across A Crowded Room meetup in the new Library cafe.  In the meantime, this week's prompt comes to us from Thomas Kail:

   "As the door closed, Jordan realized it was happening again."

Thomas Kail is the director of the Tony Award-winning musical In the Heights and the Broadway plays Magic/Bird and Lombardi


  1. Lyric draft, but very open to changing any part.

    Adding to scenario that after 50 years together, Jordan has been facing a cold shoulder, and that’s what’s been happening again and again the past week.

    "But When She’s Near Me"

    When I try keeping a safe distance
    I find that she offers no resistance

    (chorus 1)
    But when she’s near me, she doesn’t hear me
    Things that endear me to others don’t work
    I talk sincerely, state my thoughts clearly
    She acts so queerly, she thinks I’m a jerk

    Once smart, now she’s not so clever
    Once full of heart, now none whatsoever

    (chorus 2)
    Until last week, our world shook with thunder
    Now she won’t speak, and I start to wonder
    Where did I blunder, to still be under
    The spell of this woman who sits there inert

    Each day I pray for some small reaction
    Each night she sits like someone in traction
    No satisfaction, no not a fraction
    Of sound or of movement to prove she’s alert

    The sunrise, another day’s starting
    No big surprise, I pray we won’t be parting

    (possibly repeat chorus 1)

    Fred Landau, AOL address dylan43rd
    blog http://music-and-comedy.blogspot.com/

  2. I missed this whole thing while it was rolling out. I'm devastated. I would have had a lot of fun with this. Nonetheless, many weeks late, here's my first pass response to prompt # 6...

    This prompt line would be spoken by Jordan’s deceased best friend, Trent, the ghost narrator of the new rock musical
    It's the intro to the third song of the show (Intro, I Want Song, then this) "Howl at the Moon"

    As the door closed, Jordan realized it was happening again.

    It starts with a charge in the middle of your bones,
    A crackle in the clavicle, a strain in the femur.
    The charge turns to pain and somewhere someone moans,
    And it’s you, getting bigger, getting meaner.
    And you sprout tufts of fur on everywhere that matters,
    Like puberty with a vengeance and a snout.
    And your hands have claws, and your clothes become tatters,
    And you’re filled with a drive to get out.

    ‘Cause the room is just too small,
    And you tear your way down the hall.
    You’re getting hostile in the hostel.
    And by now you’re just colossal.
    And you don’t know what you’re doin’ at all.

    So go out into the night,
    And give the Em’rald Isle a fright.
    You’re a beast and you gotta go,
    Go howl at the moo-oo-oo-oon.
    Go and howl at the moo-oo-oo-oon.
    Who the hell is gonna stop ya now?
    Go howl at the moon.

    There’s power in your arms like you’ve never felt before.
    Your blood is a-hum, and your thoughts are ahead.
    A hunger’s setting in. The night is young and you want more.
    You’re a tourist here, why would you go to bed?

    So you’re running full at bay,
    Seeking trouble all the way,
    And the longer you’re pursuing
    You less aware the things you’re doing,
    And there’s gonna be a mess come the day.

    So go out into the night,
    And find something to set you right.
    You’re a beast and you gotta go,
    Go howl at the moo-oo-oo-oon.
    Go and howl at the moo-oo-oo-oon.
    You’re only getting started now.
    Go howl at the moon.

    You leapt the wall at Phoenix Park.
    The cute young couple missed the sound.
    They never heard you in the dark
    As you stalked closer on the ground.
    They never heard you in the dark.
    They never even turned around.

    So things get a little wild. You’re just one of those breeds.
    But don’t you worry, friend, don’t you fret.
    You’ll wake up covered tomorrow in the dregs of your deeds,
    But you won’t remember what to regret.

    But the hunger isn’t gone,
    So the hunt will still go on.
    There’s been blood and there’s been gore
    But there are fun and games in store.
    And there are hours before the dawn.

    So go out into the night
    ‘Til you’re chased out by the light.
    You’re a beast and you gotta go,
    Go howl at the moo-oo-oo-oon.
    Go and howl at the moo-oo-oo-oon.
    Don’t you wish that they could stop you now?
    Go howl at the moon.