Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Celebrity Challenge 5: Submitted by John Weidman

Sorry for the delay, folks.  I'm hoping to announce our first in-person meet-up soon (to be held in the newly opened cafe at the Library for the Performing Arts!).  In the meantime though, book-writer John Weidman has a fantastic prompt for the week's challenge:

Ho Chi Minh, a busboy at the Ritz Hotel in Paris in 1919, has applied for credentials to represent the Vietnamese people at the Paris Peace Conference.  Waiting in an antechamber at Versailles, he rehearses how best to present himself before the committee which will rule on his request.

John Weidman has written the books for a wide variety of musicals, among them Pacific Overtures, Assassins, and Road Show, all with scores by Stephen Sondheim, and Contact, co-created with director/choreographer Susan Stroman. 


  1. I tried an approach where he is adapting his music at any moment to his impression of a stylistic preference of people he's trying to convince, as opposed to his own style.

    Possible, intentionally pastiche-style Music idea is at

    My AOL address is DYLAN43rd
    or my blog at http://music-and-comedy.blogspot.com/

    Fred Landau

  2. First draft lyrics:

    "I feel so rich here at the Ritz
    Still learning how to speak
    In a foreign land of glam and glitz
    And language so tres chic"

    I'm a prolific lyricist with extensive experience (and enjoyment) in collaborations, seeking work on Musical Theatre projects. My bios and previously written songs are posted on SoundCloud and OurStage.

    Trudee Lunden

    contact: trudee.lunden [at] gmail [dot] com

    p.s. noteworthy - I'm passionate about France and previously worked for Air France, visiting Paris for 16 days in 2000.

    p.s.s. also so glad I found this website!

  3. p.s.s.s.

    Yes this is a fantastic prompt and very profound subject material. Thank you John. I added some more lyrics. Here's the 2nd draft:

    I feel so rich here at the Ritz
    Still learning how to speak
    In a foreign land of glam and glitz
    And language so tres chic

    What is best to say?
    I’ve prayed for peace
    Hoping war will cease
    Forever more
    Will they think me a fool?
    Just a boy still in school
    I’ll rehearse every word
    With my own encore

    The Treaty of Versailles
    Our time is here and nigh
    Every country should be
    Independent and free
    My people need a strong ally
    Standing tall to impress
    Self-determined no less
    Whatever it takes I’ll try

    Trudee Lunden

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